Updating your dogs microchip details

| March 8, 2013

Did you know that you can now update your dogs micro chip details online?   This free service allows you update your dogs microchip details instantly!

All dogs that are sold in Queensland must be micro-chipped. Microchips give dogs an electronic identification number.   The chip is detected by radio scanners which can help locate your dog if they are lost.  It is important to keep your dog’s microchip details up to date with your current contact information.

The Australasian Animal Registry (AAR)

aar-logoMost dogs are registered with the Australasian Animal Registry (AAR).    The Australasian Animal Registry (AAR) was established in 1989. A AR is the largest not-for-profit and most comprehensive animal registration and recovery service in Australasia.

AAR maintains records for over 1.5 million animals from across Australia and New Zealand, including dogs, cats, birds, horses, zoo animals and even ferrets.

Microchipping your dog isn’t enough. You need to register the microchip and your contact details on a national database so your dog’s home can be found.

Wouldn’t you want your pet’s home details listed on the most reliable animal registry database in Australia? It is the cheapest insurance you’ll ever buy.

You can register your dog online with the AAR for AUD$8

How to Update your Dogs Microchip Details.

To update your dogs microchip details, you must be the registered owner of your dog.  If not, you can change ownership of your dog via their online form found at > AAR Change Ownership Form

  1. Retrieve your dogs AAR Certificate of Registration.  This certificate will display their microchip number.
  2. Go to > AAR Update Registration page
  3. If you are the registered owner of your dog in the AAR Database, enter your Surname
  4. Enter your dogs microchip number.
  5. Update your address and phone number for your dog.

Your details are now updated!

The AAR Website allows you to update your dog microchip details free of charge.

The AAR Website allows you to update your dog microchip details free of charge.




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  1. Liz says:

    If you need to change your pet’s microchip details first go to petaddress.com.au and find out what database your pet’s microchip is in.

    Most dogs’ microchip details in Australia are in the Central Animal Records (CAR) and if that’s the case with your dog you can simply send an e-mail to info@car.com.au with a written request to update your pets microchip details, ensuring you quote your pet’s microchip number, along with your old and new contact details. If you’d prefer you can also call Central Animal Records on (03) 9706 3187 between the hours of 9am & 6pm Monday to Friday. For more details go to http://www.mycraftydog.com/easy-things-you-can-do-to-help-right-now/

    Cheers, Liz @ MyCraftydog.com