Aylwards Dog School Boarding Kennels

Shady large outdoor kennels for boarding dogs. Photo Copyright Teale Shapcott & Aylwards Dog School

Aylwards also provide a full boarding facility for your cat or dog whilst you are on holidays.  Many of our boarding clients have been bringing their dogs and cats to us for many years, so it is important to book ahead for boarding to ensure we have a space available for your dog or cat.  We take online bookings for boarding for cats & dogs, so booking is easy!

Aylwards is the best dog boarding option for your dog’s health and happiness whilst you are away.  We always have a Veterinarian on call for any medical emergencies for cats or dogs.

Unlike a traditional dog boarding kennel where animals are confined to small cages, we provide your dogs with the space to romp, roll and play during the morning and late afternoon hours in our large outdoor dog runs.   During the hottest parts of the day, or during bad weather or night hours, all dogs are kennelled in a safe, fully insulated indoor kennel.

For any dogs or cats requiring extra care, we are happy to provide special attention and administer any medications that are required for your pet whilst in our care.

If you have any concerns please contact us and discuss them with us!  We will do our best to make sure you and your pet are happy!

How to Book Boarding..

We take online bookings!  Simply complete our form with your details and we will contact you to confirm!

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