Protection training is advanced training for handlers and dogs that have completed the Aylwards Obedience Course. In protection training sessions, Mike and his team will personally work with you and your dog to enhance your dogs natural protective behaviours to protect your home, property and family.

For a demonstration of a fully trained Personal Protection Dog, please refer to the video on this page.  This demonstration highlights:

  • Advanced Obedience:  The dog being able to sit, lie down and stay regardless of other distractions in the area.
  • Switching on / off for Protection work:  How the dog is trained to ‘switch on’ for protection work and then ‘switch off’ at the end of protection work.
  • Seeking / finding an ‘Intruder’:  How a dog can be trained to use their sense of smell to seek out a potential home ‘intruder’.
  • Responding to threatening behaviour: How a dog can work to protect their handler when faced with menacing behaviours from another person.
  • Detaining an intruder:  How the dog can be left unattended with an intruder to guard them whilst you phone the police to attend.

Benefits of Protection Training.

Some of the benefits of Aylwards Protection Training:

  • Increased confidence:  Protection training includes advanced obedience training to encourage the natural protective instincts of your dog whilst maintaining full control.   This provides increased confidence for you as a handler and increased confidence for your dog with regard to acceptable and un-acceptable behaviours.
  • Convenient Training Times:   Protection training sessions are also run on weekends following Obedience Classes.   If you are doing Protection training, you are welcome to come early for a quick refresher in the Obedience class prior to doing a Protection training session.
  • 50+ years of Dog Training experience:  Mike has over 50 years of dog training experience in a number of disiplines through the British Army.   Mike has also imparted this knowledge to his team of trainers who are ready to assist you with Protection training via one on one instruction with each session.
  • Become part of a great network of dog owners:   When you train at Aylwards, be prepared to make new friends who also share a love of dogs!  We also enjoy sharing our knowledge of dogs through our website, our Facebook page and our presence on Twitter.
Personal Protection Dog Training at Aylwards.

Trainers at Aylwards Dog School during a Personal Protection Training Session.

What to expect during Protection Training.

Each dog and their handler will learn at different rates during Protection training sessions.   As a result, all protection training sessions are customized for each dog and their handler to focus on getting the best out of the session.

What to do I need to bring to a Protection training session?

For approved dogs and handlers participating in Protection training sessions, we recommend that you bring:

  1. Non-slip comfortable shoes:  You will be handling your dog throughout all training sessions and non-slip comfortable shoes like joggers are a must!
  2. A hat:  Our classes are conducted during the day and it is always best to wear a hat!
  3. Wide Collar & 6ft Lead for your dog:   Once again, all dogs are trained only in approved flat collars at Aylwards.  The training lead and collar used for Obedience training is to be used also for Protection training sessions.

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