Protecting your car..

| September 25, 2011

At Aylwards, we train handlers and protection dogs to work effectively as a team in any situation. 

Some of our training activities for Protection training can include:

  • Teaching the dog to determine what is threatening vs non-threatening behaviour from another person.
  • Protecting their handler within a house
  • Compound / yard guarding
  • Air scenting an intruder
  • Protecting their handler from multiple assailants
  • Protecting their handler in a crowd.
  • Guarding an intruder

This weekend we focussed on teaching the dogs to protect property and persons within a car.   This is an exercise run with dogs and handlers who have successfully demonstrated that the dog can determine “suspicious/threatening” behaviour from another person.  With this training, the dogs do not attack or bark at people who are simply moving around the car.  They will only react with aggressive behaviour if a person is attempting to break into the car or approaching a car with threatening behaviour.

Protection dogs are trained to protect their owners property and person.

Axel is protecting his owners car from someone attempting to break in.  Photo Copyright: Teale Shapcott & Aylwards

Swift protecting her owners car.

Swift protecting her owners car from a person approaching with threatening behaviours. Photo Copyright: Teale Shapcott & Aylwards


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  1. Shaun says:

    Does this come with personal protection?
    Do my dog an i need to do obedience training first?

  2. Marlo Comerford says:

    Hi guys, I’ve viewed a few vids of your dog’s and handlers working together and competing demonstrations and WOW! Great show!
    I am inquiring about your training specifications, price lists, and locations if possible please, and thank you.
    I have an American Staffordshire Terrier girl, 2 years old, displaying very loyal and protective behaviors, love these natural qualities she possesses, and would love to embrace them for both her safety- and the general public, especially when she’s out and about with us!
    Please contact me on 0439044546