Dog Obedience Training

Aylwards Dog School conduct regular 5 week dog obedience training courses that are held on weekends.  Many dog owners dream of owning a happy, outgoing dog the does everything they ask, never makes a wrong move, and seems to know their every thought. Your dog can be like this too!  It just takes effort and knowledge.  Mike Aylward & his team of trainers can help you to learn how train your dog.

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Our dog obedience training course focuses on providing you with the knowledge to train your dog to:

  • Walking to heel on a loose lead

    Walking to heel on a loose lead. 

    Walk to heelwalking beside you on a loose lead

  • Sitto sit on command
  • Downto lie down on command
  • Stayto stay in a standing, sitting or down position on command
  • Recallto come to you on command

We will also provide you with great advice on feeding, dog behaviours and the care of your dog during training.

Benefits of training your dog at Aylwards

Some of the benefits you receive when learning to train your dog at Aylwards Dog School include:

  • Dog Registration Fee Discount:  Ipswich City Council provides a reduced dog registration if your dog has been trained at Aylwards Dog School.   At the completion of your course with Aylwards, Mike will assess your dog and provide you with documentation to obtain reduced registration fees.
  • Flat, once only training fee:  At Aylwards, we only charge a training fee once for Dog Obedience Training.  We don’t charge for obedience levels like other training schools.
  • Short, fast course:  Other Dog Obedience Courses can run for 6 to 12 weeks or longer.  Our course is only 5 weeks in duration and you will achieve as much in our 5 week course as you will with the longer training courses.
  • Convenient Training Times:   We run our classes on Saturday and Sunday mornings.  If you are unable to make a class on a Saturday, you are more than welcome to join the Sunday class or vice versa.
  • Become more confident with your dog:   We focus on teaching you how to train your dog, increasing your confidence and encouraging the bond between you and your best friend. 🙂
  • Free Refresher Training: We charge a once only training fee.  After completing your course at Aylwards, you are most welcome to return on weekends for a refresher in any of the lessons.  We would love to see you come back!
  • 50+ years of Dog Training experience:  Mike has over 50 years of dog training experience in a number of disciplines through the British Army.   Mike has also imparted this knowledge to his team of trainers who are ready to assist you during Obedience Classes at Aylwards Dog School.
  • Become part of a great network of dog owners:   When you train at Aylwards, be prepared to make new friends who also share a love of dogs!  We also enjoy sharing our knowledge of dogs through our website, our Facebook page and our presence on Twitter.

What to expect during a Aylwards Dog Obedience Class

Our program of lessons during the 5 week course are as follows:

  • Week One:  Walking to Heel, turning left & right at the heel and turning around at the heel.
  • Week Two: A recap & practice session of the previous week’s lesson + learning how to train your dog to sit beside you.
  • Week Three: Recap & practice session of Weeks 1 & 2 lessons  + learning how to train your dog to lie down.
  • Week Four: Recap & practice session of Weeks 1, 2 & 3 lessons + learning how to train your dog to stay.
  • Week Five: Recap & practice session of Weeks 1 to 4 + teaching your dog to come to you on command.  This lesson also includes an off-leash obedience assessment session where Mike & his trainers will assess the progress of your training for a Course Completion Certificate at the end of the course.

Our dog obedience classes are held on Saturday and Sunday mornings with each class running for one hour.    During that hour we will provide you with:

  • A demonstration of the lesson for the day:  Mike and his trainers will provide you with a practical demonstration of what will be taught before our lesson starts.
  • One on one assistance: During the lesson, Mike and his trainers will come to assist you with training your dog so that both of you get the most of out of the lesson.
  • Short Break & Question Time:  Halfway through our lesson, we will have short break to rest your dog and provide you with an opportunity to ask any questions you may have about dog training and / or behaviours.
  • A safe, quiet learning environment for you and your dog:  We run small classes so that we can provide you with all the one on one assistance you may need from Mike and our trainers.
  • Refreshments at the end of each class: Training your dog can be thirsty work!  At the end of each class, we provide cold drinks for you and an opportunity to chat with our team. Your dog is also provided with a cool drink and a chance to relax after class too. 🙂

What to do I need to bring to a Class?

At the beginning of each Course, Mike will provide you with a 30 min overview of the course.   For anyone wishing to participate in our classes we recommend that you bring:

  1. Good walking shoes:  You will be doing a lot of walking with your dog during our classes!  Make sure you wear comfortable walking shoes!
  2. A hat:  Our classes are conducted during the day and it is always best to wear a hat!
  3. Wide Collar & 6ft Lead for your dog:   At Aylwards, we only train with wide flat collars on the dogs.  If you don’t have a collar like this, we do have the recommended collars & leads for sale at Aylwards.  We prohibit the use of choke chains, prong collars and halties.