The Doog Walkie Belt

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The Doog Walkie Belt.

A great product that Teale found at Ipswich Pet & Aquarium (Rissons) in West Ipswich – The Doog Walkie Belt.  Or as in Teale’s case, the Doog Run Belt!  Teale runs with her two dogs, and has to have a place to store keys, iPhone dog tidy bags and anything else without getting in the way of running with two boisterous German Shepherds.   This is the perfect product for that!

Features of the Doog Belt include:

  1. iPod clip
  2. 20 x Tidy bags – never be caught out without a dog tidy bag again.
  3. 2 x pockets for holding house keys, phone, money
  4. 20 x antibacterial, scented Hand Wipes
  5. Tennis Ball holder (black version only)
  6. Carabiner for attaching dog lead / hanging belt to a hook by the door or your water bottle. It is not recommended that you attach the dog lead to the belt whilst the dog is on lead though!

The belt comes in a number of colours – blue, red, yellow, hot pink, lemon, green and even polka dot.   All tidy bags and wipes are also included.

Features of the Doog Walkie Belt

Where can I get one?

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