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| October 9, 2011

German Shepherd Dog 'Saige' :: Teale Shapcott PhotographyAt Aylwards, we often find interesting news about dogs online through Facebook, Twitter and Google.  Here are some of the interesting links we have found over the past two weeks.   Enjoy!

We are thinking of making this a regular feature on our website – fortnightly round up of dog related news from the Internet.   What are your thoughts?  What would you think a great name for this would be?  Post your comments below and let us know what you think!

News from Australia

  • Come, stay.. Bring your Dog! The Sunshine Coast’s dog-loving mayor has thrown his personal support behind an ambitious plan to make the region the pet-friendly tourism capital of Queensland.
  • Talking to dogs and cats our pet hobby:  More than 80 per cent of Australia’s dog and cat owners believe they can understand what their pet’s woof or miaow means, a survey has found.
  • Dogs in Blue for Charity:  The greyhound with the ironic name will be one of 12 dogs racing to raise money for Victorian police officers under the umbrella of the Blue Ribbon Foundation.
  • Sick as a Dog as vet bills soar by 500%:  Veterinary bills for adored cats and dogs have blown out by as much as 500 per cent in the past two years because of medical advances. A review by consumer watchdog Choice reveals owners are being charged more than $25,000 for some treatments to save four-legged friends.
  • Drug Dogs sniff out 42 at ParkLife Music Festival Drug dogs at the ParkLife Festival have helped Police make one arrest for every five people searched at the Festival.
  • Bob the Railway Dog:  Bob was born in 1882 with four seriously itchy paws. At just nine months old, Bob left his home and began his canine career as a hitchhiker on railway locomotives.
  • Maroons win National Sheep Dog Championships:   Go Queenslanders!  Two sheep dogs called Atom and Dusty have helped Queensland to claim victory in another national title.
  • Training Scientific Dogs to sniff out pests:  Dog trainer Steve Austin has a team of keen canines fighting for the preservation of our native wildlife.

News from Overseas

  • Book Review: Rin Tin Tin – The Life and Legend:  This is a book that examines the extraordinary relationships between humans and dogs; the early-20th-century boom in breeding and domestication; the sobering history of dogs sent to war, and the mistreatment of animals in the early decades of the motion picture industry.
  • Specially trained dogs greeting soldiers from war:  As each person walked through Camp Atterbury’s soldier processing center, the tan-and-black dog looked up with wide brown eyes. Few people could resist stopping to pet him or scratch him behind the ears.
  • Admiring Dogs with Jobs  A great article from Tales & Tails about working Police dogs and Search & Rescue dogs in Springfield, Illinois.
  • Looking for a fitness buddy? Get a dog.   Well dogs really are the best personal trainers! Here is why!
  • Hawaii fido: Sea dogs hang ten in surf contest:   DOG surfing? Where else but America would people take pet tricks to this extreme?
  • Local Group aims to prevent dog violence:  A local community group in Toledo is reaching out to dog owners and children, offering free training in city parks, education, and spay and neuter information as it tries to keep more dogs off the streets.
  • Paws on Patios Program:  Restaurants in the city of Houston are allowed to permit their customers to dine with their dogs. The Paws on Patios program allows restaurants to get permits for dogs to have dinner in the patio area.
  • Walk the Dog, Drop the Pounds: A clinical study at the University of Massachusetts Medical School aims to see if Rover has the power to unleash new levels of human motivation and combat the nation’s obesity epidemic.
  • Court Room Dog calms child witness in an abuse case:  An 8 year old girl was extremely nervous about having to go into a courtroom and tell a large group of adults how she was abused by a family member. But her task became much more bearable when a yellow Labrador named Summer walked into the courtroom with her and sat at her feet in the witness box.
  • In Alaska, a German Shepherd, Buddy was honored by Alaskan State Troopers after he lead Police and Fire Departments to a house fire in remote area.

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